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Total heat exchanger

  • Plate-Fin Total Heat Exchanger
Plate-Fin Total Heat Exchanger

Plate-Fin Total Heat Exchanger

  • Product description: Plate-Fin Total Heat Exchanger
Plate-Fin Total Heat Exchanger

板翅式全热交换器主要内部结构为一个板翅式换热器,与一般的板翅式换热器不同,其隔板和板翅是一种特殊材料的薄纸,具有良好的传热和透湿性,而不透气。当进排气的两侧存在湿差和水蒸气压力差时会产生热湿交换从而实现全热回收。 [2]

The main internal structure of plate-fin heat exchanger is a plate-fin heat exchanger. Unlike the general plate-fin heat exchanger, its partition and plate-fin are thin paper with special material, which have good heat transfer and moisture permeability, but not air permeability. When there is moisture difference and steam pressure difference between the two sides of the intake and exhaust, heat and moisture exchange will occur to achieve total heat recovery. [2]




Total heat exchanger exchanges heat and moisture between exhausted air and fresh air to recover energy. When indoor exhaust air is filtered and then treated by heat recovery runner in winter, the temperature of the core rises and the moisture content increases. When the core rotates around the cleaning fan, it contacts the outdoor fresh air. The runner releases heat and moisture to the low-temperature fresh air, which makes the air warm and humid. The recovery efficiency can reach 70%-90%。 In summer, on the contrary, it can reduce the temperature and humidity of fresh air and reduce the energy consumption of air-conditioning system through heat exchange.

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